Why you Can't Control Your Clutter - It's time to start!

Why You Can’t Control Your Clutter

Clutter. More than 90% of people have at least a little bit of clutter in their homes. It may be a drawer or two in the kitchen, or under the bathroom sinks. It may be in your kids rooms, or it may even be taking over your entire house.

Clutter can silently be stealing your time, money and peace. Time gets wasted searching for things like keys, papers or other items you need. Money can get wasted when you lose bills or important paperwork that can cause you to miss out on something. Your peace is stolen when sitting down in your home causes you stress instead of peace and comfort.

Sometimes, it can feel as if clutter controls our lives. When you get up in the morning, you have a dozen bottles of soaps, facial creams and make up strewn all around your bathroom sink. You make your way to the kitchen to start the coffee and have to move dirty dishes from last night’s dinner out of the sink first. Once you find everything your kids need and get them out the door to school, you have to move the laundry before you can sit down to relax for a few minutes.

This cycle seems to keep going throughout the day, every day. Why?!? You know you don’t want to live that way, but you can’t seem to get a handle on controlling your clutter. You try to clean, but you just can’t make any headway, at least not for long. There may be several reasons for this.

You feel you spent too much on your stuff

Maybe you spent a lot of money on your stuff. When you try to clean up your house, you stop to think about the money you spent on different items. It’s hard to give away or throw away items that you spent a lot of money on. Even if no one uses the item anymore, or it’s broken, you have a hard time justifying getting rid of it.

You’re too attached to your stuff

Maybe it’s the bassinet you bought for your child…who is now in middle school. Or the creepy doll your grandma gave you that you hide in the closet. Or it could even be the bunch of artwork your children made in school. You feel an emotional attachment to your items and can’t seem to give them up or get rid of them.

Your family isn’t on board

This is a huge one. If your children aren’t helping to keep the clutter at bay, you’re fighting a losing battle. Leaving items out, getting more things out before putting the first things away…it’s a battle that isn’t going to be won right away, so you better get started now. Seriously, this is not going to easy; I have this ongoing struggle all the time. The only way to get them on board is to come up with a plan and STICK TO IT!

Later is the Best Friend of Clutter - Don't let it control your life!

How to get started

If you have a problem decluttering, we’ve got a couple of tips.

Get help

If you can’t hire professional help, see if you can have a friend come over to help. They are more objective and don’t care if the item cost a lot of money, and they don’t know about your sentimental feelings. If you feel nervous about having them toss or give away items without your approval, give yourself final say. But keep in mind that your friend wants to help you out, not hurt your feelings or ruin your memories. When your friend leaves to go home, have her take the stuff you’re getting rid of with her! She can drop it off at a donation center or toss it in her own garbage on pick-up day. The important thing is to get it our of your house now.

Start with just one room

There is no way you are going to clear the clutter in your entire house in one day. That’s just crazy thoughts. Start with one room. I like to start with the room you use the most, typically a kitchen or family room. By getting that one room out of the way and neat, you hopefully will be inspired to get the rest of the house looking just as nice and neat.

Put things on well-used surfaces

This one sounds weird, but hear me out. As you’re picking up items and deciding what to do with them, don’t just leave them on the floor or the counter where they typically hang out; put them somewhere where they are in the way. For example, if you have a stack of papers on the back of the kitchen counter, pull them out and put them on the kitchen table as you clear off the entire counter. That way, you MUST clear off the table before you eat the next meal. This works in bedrooms, as well; simply pile everything on the bed. You’ll have to clear off the bed before night time. The key here is that you can’t just put everything back on the floor; you have to actually do something with it.

The whole key to clearing out your clutter is that you have to really want to do it. The more clutter you have, the more you have to want to do it. It’s really easy to get used to your clutter; soon you don’t even see it.

Another key is to have the necessary items available for organizing your home. I’m listing a few of my favorite organizers below because they help me keep things all in one place.

This post contains affiliate links. I only promote items I use (or in the case, have read).
Paper hanging file folder

This wall hanging file folder organizer holds papers. I can give each folder a different title so I know what I’m filing, and where different papers are.

makeup organizer

I use this makeup organizer to keep all the little pots and brushes under control. The fact that it’s see-through makes it easy to see what I’ve got.

mop and broom organizer

This is perfect in my laundry room. Prior to using this, my broom was always falling on the floor, tripping me when I walked through to the garage!

kitchen cabinet organizer

This kitchen cabinet organizer is awesome! I have to many different pots and pans and associated lids; this organizer helps to keep my kitchen neat and organized.









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  • Ana January 23, 2017 at 8:38 am

    Love it! We declutter a lot and try really hard not to just buy things unless we know we need them. Amazon prime doesn’t help with this, lol, but we try. 😉


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