Getting started on a fresh start is important each year as a person and a mom.

Welcome to your Fresh Start in the New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of a New Year. It’s a fresh start to life, almost! Now, I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes I need that fresh start in January, you know?

It can be depressing to take down the Christmas tree and see your home without all the festive touches of the holidays. My house looks so sad, somehow! Also, the weather can be really dreary round about now. Snow at Christmas is magical; snow in January is just a (cold) pain in the butt.

Fresh starts get me excited, though! I can re-organize my house, my car, my schedule, and my life, it seems. Even if only one of those things actually gets done, it’s fun and exciting to have a goal.

I love that fresh starts also give me a chance to change what isn’t working or that I don’t like. Feel like you weren’t a great wife last year? Figure out what you can do to change that this year. Think you can do better or be a better mom than last year? Now’s your chance!

So how do you get started with your fresh start?

Make some goals.

I know the New Year is all about resolutions, but i just really don’t like that word. It has a connotation of short term things, because very few people actually keep their resolutions beyond a few weeks or months. Instead, I like goals.

Make those goals something tangible or very exact.

Instead of saying “Cook more dinners instead of eating out” write down a specific goal; “I’m going to cook at home at least four nights a week.” You may even want to plan those night; Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday, for example.

Re-evaluate every month.

I feel like this helps because goals and resolutions don’t just stop cold-turkey. Instead, people start to stray off their chosen path slowly. If you re-evaluate each month, you’re more likely to stay on the path or get back on after just a short stray. Does that make sense? Ask yourself how you’re doing, and how you could improve on your goal.

Follow this blog.

We’re going to be taking a hard look on how we, as moms, can improve our marriage and parenting. You can follow on all the different social media channels we’re a part of; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! It’s a hard job we’ve been called to, but we can accomplish it. We don’t want to just be a mom, we want to be a great mom! My kids gave me a plaque for my birthday this past month that says “I’m the Mom Everyone Wishes They Had.” Own that phrase, even if you don’t always feel like it!

Start slow this year; this is not a sprint. Nobody gets a prize for being the best right out of the gate. The prize goes to the person with the most stamina over the long haul. You’ve got this, Mama!




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  • Tracy Lynn January 3, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Great post!
    I really love the reevaluate every month suggestion. That is a great tip and a perfect way to remember what your goals are!


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