Don't let your bad moment ruin your entire day!

How to Turn Your Bad Day Around

It’s inevitable; you wake up in the morning after a decent night’s sleep, you get your coffee, everything is going great, and then your kids get up. One is mad because they forgot to do their homework last night, one had a bad sleep and is in a bad mood, and the baby is crying because…just because. All of a sudden, your good day has turned into a bad day, leaving you frazzled and harried.

Once the big kids leave for school, you still can’t seem to snap out of your bad day funk. Maybe all your kids are still home because they are too young for school, or you homeschool. But the morning has seemingly ruined your day.

It doesn’t have to ruin it, however; there are several things you can do to get your good day back again.

  1. Think positively and realize that your bad day doesn’t have to last all day. After all, the day started well, surely you can get back to it. Very rarely does the entire day go wrong, it just feels like it when it starts off on the wrong foot. Don't let your bad moment ruin your entire day!
  2. Put on some fun music. This works whether you have kids at home or not. Get everyone’s blood pumping and their bodies moving with some fast dance moves. Do chores while you dance and sing, or just have a living room jam session. Either way, the endorphins should be flowing, causing everyone’s moods to get better.
  3. Go outside! This is such an easy thing to do. It can be as simple as going out to your driveway or backyard and just being. Let the kids play while you sit there soaking up the sun, or join in on the play. If your children are really small, stick them in the stroller or wagon and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Again, the fresh air and exercise is one of the best things for a bad mood.Going for a walk can help you get out of your bad day funk.
  4. Read a book, by yourself or with your children. Escaping into a good book for a even just a few minutes can change your mood completely. In the same way, snuggling on the couch with your littles and reading aloud or looking at picture books is another good way to change everyone’s mood. The physical touch and closeness combined with your attention can help a little one’s mood improve drastically.Reading a book can help you get out of your bad day funk.
  5. Take a nap, if possible. If you get to lunchtime and everyone is still in bad moods, force a rest time on everyone, including you, Mama. Your big kids might not sleep, but they need to stay in bed with a book. No toys, no electronics; this is rest time, remember. Set a timer so they don’t keep getting up to ask when they can get up (is that just my kids?) Then go lay down yourself and close your eyes. A lot of time, grumpy attitudes comes from tiredness. Even if you don’t sleep, a 30 minute break from doing anything will do wonders for your energy and mood.Taking a nap can help you get out of your bad day funk.
  6. Realize that it’s not the end of the world. Everyone has an occasional bad day, whether they’re kids or adults. Have patience with your kids (they’re human, too) and give yourself grace. Tomorrow can’t be any worse, right?!?

Keep in mind, when you are having a bad day, that they don’t last forever. They don’t make you a bad person, a bad mom or a bad anything; they make you normal. Tomorrow will be brand new, with hopefully a better attitude for all the people in your house.



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