Truth in the Tinsel helps little children understand the concept of Christmas from a Biblical perspective.

Celebrate the Season by finding the Truth in the Tinsel

Several years ago, when my big kids were still little kids (*sniff, sniff*) I wanted to do something meaningful for the Christmas season. They were still too small to do big kid stuff, so I needed to find something that we could do at home.

I stumbled on it by accident, but it has been one of the best Christmas traditions we’ve done. Now they are too old for it, but my little girls are the PERFECT age to do it, so it’s coming back out.

“Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands” is perfect for kids from toddlers through probably age 8 or so. If you are looking for a meaningful way to share the birth of Jesus with your children, this is it!Truth in the Tinsel helps little children understand the concept of Christmas from a Biblical perspective.

This eBook by Amanda at OhAmanda features a verse or selection of verses pertaining to the Christmas story for each day. There is also an ornament craft to go along with the verse. It’s great because you can read the verses while your child does the craft, and continue to talk about it. The crafts are super simple and only require items that you already have at home, which makes it very convenient.

Instead of putting the ornaments on our tree, we decorated our stair railing with greenery and hung them up there. My kids loved seeing their ornaments each time they went up and down the stairs!

The next year, we moved about a week before Christmas (fun, I know!) I knew that I would have most of my crafts and other stuff packed away, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to do Truth in the Tinsel. I was really bummed. But then, I discovered that Amanda had done a printable version of each of the ornaments!Printable ornaments make Truth in the Tinsel simple for even the non-crafty people!

All I had to do was print them and cut them out! My kids used crayons and markers to decorate them; win! I cut out a felt Christmas tree and attached it to the wall. My kids then used tape to attach their ornaments; it was so easy to roll up and move with us; we immediately put it back up in our new house. Truth in the Tinsel has continued to evolve along the way. There are now printable Christmas trees that you can afix your printable ornaments on.Grab this printable Christmas tree to put your printable Truth in the Tinsel ornaments on!

The one thing that hasn’t changed about Truth in the Tinsel is the message it sends. I love that I can spend just a few minutes each day talking to my children about how God had a plan for the world, and this plan was Jesus. We talk about the important characters of the story, and how Jesus is the light of the world.

You can choose to purchase just the eBook and make the craft ornaments, or purchase the book with the printable ornaments; either is a great deal!

Buy Truth in the Tinsel now to get started on a new Christmas Tradition!

This is just one Christmas tradition you can start with your family! If you’re looking for more ideas on different traditions you can do with your kids and family this season, check out our eBook, Family Christmas Traditions. While Truth in the Tinsel is great for younger kids, our book has lists and ideas for all ages and stages of life! And for under $3, you really can’t beat it!

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"Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands"

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