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Summer Road Tripping with Older Kids

Happy summer, guys! I haven’t been around as much this month (ok, hardly at all!) because we’ve been prepping to go out of town, been out of town, then recovering from being out of town. Honestly, getting back into a groove after a trip is HARD!

This year, our June trip was a mission trip for our whole family, through our church. We drove five hours away to a small (very small!) town, to their Bible college. Our group of over 100 people, including kids, stayed in dorms, ate in the cafeteria and worked on the school. We did landscaping, painting, pressure washing, and construction.

My bigger kids were able to help with a lot of the work, while the littles did a Vacation Bible School. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and just a great time to give back as a family.

pressure washing, jobs for kids,

jobs for kids, working hard, pressure washing

Do you see that skill? My boys worked hard, and it didn’t bother them when they got soaked (of course!).

Painting, jobs for kids


The little kids (and some big kids) got to paint the outside of a storage shed. Not a big building in the middle of campus, but a small shed near the edge of the property. One guess how thick that paint was near the bottom of the wall, with 30 kids painting…Haha!

Dormitory, Sleeping

We put all five kids in one dorm room; they fit pretty well, actually. The air conditioners worked amazingly well, which is wonderful in Florida, so the kids bundled under their sleeping bags and stayed cozy all night. They stayed up later each night than they are accustomed to; it was usually 10-10:30 by the time they got to bed each night. It was fine, except when breakfast started at 7 the next morning!

It was really fun; our leaders brought us watermelon when it got to hot, we all played on the huge Slip n’ Slide, and we had different activities at night. My husband emcee’d a talent show one night, wearing a tuxedo t-shirt. Each night, everyone on the trip also played a game that someone made up called Udo Ball; I think it’s some kind of cross between dodgeball and freeze tag. So, summer camp for adults and families!

watermelon, hot day

My husband and I loved the fact that we could bring our entire family with us. There are so few mission or trip opportunities that embrace and welcome small children that we jumped at the chance to be involved when we heard about it. By the end of the first day, our kids were already making plans for next year!

Now, possibly the hardest part of the trip was the actual journey there! Five hours, seven people, one minivan. Not a lovely thing to contemplate and look forward to! We always make a stop at our library the day before trips to stock up on new books, but my kids don’t have a lot of electronics like ipads and DVD players.

A friend, who was going on the trip as well, put together a photo scavenger hunt for while you are in the car. I want to share it with everyone here, because it was awesome! I’ve amended it a bit, since there were a few very specific things on the list pertaining to the specific college we were going to, but you can do that, too! Print out the list and add a few things on the bottom or the back, like an exit sign for your destination or first view of the campsite, or what have you.

The rules are pretty simple; give each kid a camera (if they’re older, they can use their cell phone) and their own list. As they take pictures, they can check off the list. It can be tricky to get some of the pictures because of moving vehicles and the speed on the highway, but that’s what makes it challenging as well. You DO have to check all the photos at the end of the trip, and if it’s illegible or too blurry to see, it doesn’t count!

You can set the prize, as well. You can put together a goodie bag before the trip, or just have the winner be the one to pick the restaurant for dinner. You can make the prize whatever you want, which makes it completely versatile for your family’s needs.

Have fun this summer as a family as you drive down the road; we loved this scavenger hunt, and we’ll be using it again on our next trip at the end of July!

Grab Your Road Trippin’ Photo Scavenger Hunt!

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  • Rabia @ The Liebers July 12, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    That sounds fun. We have a mini road trip in a few weeks, I’ll have to see if I can get the kids some picture taking devices!


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