Join us as we celebrate a "Sense of the Resurrection" this year!

Getting Ready for Easter with “A Sense of the Resurrection”

Now that the weather has turned and it’s feeling more like spring at my house, my mind turns to Easter. We honestly don’t do a whole lot of huge stuff for Easter; it’s a busy time of the year with school testing, spring colds (ugh!) and practice for the Easter presentation at church. A lot of times, the meaning of Easter gets pushed behind new dresses, Easter baskets and church services. And none of that is bad! I promise!

But this year, I want to make a bigger deal of the Easter story with our family. The way we are doing that is through “A Sense of the Resurrection.” You now have a chance to win your own copy!

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Easter should honestly, in my opinion, be a bigger deal than Christmas. I mean, in the Christian faith they’re both ¬†important. But you can’t have saving Grace without the cross and the tomb, right? So this is a way to learn about the resurrection, reflect on what it means and celebrate and thank God for this gift, all in a way that is geared towards children.

So we’re going to be doing things like washing each other’s feet, making (or buying, depends on the kind of day we’ve had!) bread and having fun with noisemakers. I’m so excited, because it’s going to lead us through step by step up to Easter.

I wanted to make sure to tell you about it now, though, because it’s not something that works as well when rushed. Could you do it all the week before Easter? Yes. Would you grasp all the significance? Probably not.

You’re going to want to take a few weeks to go through the 12 activities and let each lesson mellow in your mind before moving on to the next. Three or four weeks is probably the ideal length of time, so you can do either three or four lessons each week. This gives it a no-rush, no pressure chance to really dive deep with your kids into the story of Easter.

Want to know why it has the word “Sense” in the title? First of all, it gives you a feeling, or an awareness of, the resurrection of Jesus. But it also utilizes the five senses (taste, touch, hearing, seeing and smelling) to really help children understand the story and significance. They can taste the bread from the Last Supper, they can hear the rooster crowing, they can smell the perfume that was given to Jesus in the grave and see the purple robes. The more senses that are involved in a learning experience, the more that is retained for the future.With 12 simple lessons, you can easily help your children understand the death and resurrection, the meaning of Easter.

A Sense of the Resurrection” comes in an e-Book PDF format that you can download and print, or simply keep on your computer, phone or tablet to view for each lesson. For only $9.99, this is a great way to bring Easter alive for your family. Also, you can reuse it every year for your children, so it’s a lifetime purchase.

I’ve got a special treat, just for you! You can win a copy of your very own! Enter below, and I’ll pick a random entry! The more you enter, the higher your chances of winning, so get started. Share with your friends, tweet, or simply comment below. Also, be sure to Like our Facebook page for more entries!

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Join me this year as we go through “A Sense of the Resurrection“. You won’t regret this time you’ve put into helping your children grasp the story of Easter.

With 12 simple lessons, you can easily help your children understand the death and resurrection, the meaning of Easter.

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