Perfect Birthday Gift ideas For Your 3 Year Old

perfect-giftsMy twins are about to turn 3! How did this happen?!? Three seems to be a turning point for me. I can hardly call them toddlers anymore, let alone babies. They are now small children, and it makes me miss my babies! This has honestly happened with all my children, but it seems more pronounced with these two, since they are my last kids. But! One upside to having birthdays is…

The Party! The Presents! The Yummy Cake! We don’t really do big parties in our family (we ARE a party!) but we definitely do presents and cake. With twins, I have to come up with either shareable gifts (that they won’t mind sharing!) or double the presents. October can get pricey at our house. I have been scouring the internet for weeks looking at gift ideas. Because what’s the downside to birthdays? Trying to find the perfect birthday gift!

I always seems to struggle with this. Now that my bigs are able to come up with lists, it makes it a little bit easier. Although they rarely get things from those lists, it’s at least a starting point to go from. With the littles, not so much. If you have as much of a struggle as me, look no further. I’ve rounded up a list of perfect birthday gift ideas for you to take the guesswork out of buying presents for your three-year-olds. This list might even work for a two or four year old.

Because Fisher Price, and especially Little People, never go out of style. I played with mine for years when I was little. My girls will love this birthday gift!


This comes in several different ‘bug’ styles including a ladybug and a bee. My big kids love flashlights still, and I know my littles will love to have their very own.


Do I really need to state why walkie-talkies are on the list? One for each twin?!? But this is the perfect birthday gift for even one child, as they can play with siblings, parents or friends.



Three-year-olds have tons of energy that they need to expend each day! Help them do it safely with this trampoline.



There’s a reason every doctor’s office gives out stickers to children. With these reusable ones, they can play over and over with the stickers, telling different stories each time. This birthday gift is great for quiet times.


A little tent all their own is perfect as a gift! While this is very girl-centric, there are different boy options as well. Or simply go for one that looks like a tent!


Remote-controlled cars are fun for all ages, and this durable chunky car can hold up to abuse from three-year-olds.



Learning through play is the best kind of learning, and this fun animal puzzle helps preschoolers learn the alphabet. It comes in several different animal shapes.



Because all kids love bubbles! While this machine DOES come WITH bubbles, pick up while you’re at it. You’re going to need it!



These little cars have no pedals or brakes. They’re powered by the legs and feet! This birthday gift is great outside on the sidewalk and equally awesome inside when it’s cold, raining, or you just don’t want to be outside.


Do you remember these from when you were a child? I think just about everyone had one! Well, now your child can have one as well.



If you haven’t seen Kinetic Sand before, you’re missing out. It’s a glorious mix of sand and playdough in that it looks and feels like wet sandbox sand, but is moldable like playdough. It’s amazing fun.


If you don’t have plastic food underfoot right now, get ready! My girls have a play kitchen, but hardly any food, so this will be a fun surprise.




Another puzzle, but this is more the classic jigsaw style. The box includes four wooden puzzles; this is the “wild animals” collection, but there is also a farm or transportation set.


If your child doesn’t have a kitchen, get them one! There are so many different options, in different price points. Here are a few of my favorite options. You could probably find one to match your real kitchen.


Legos never go out of style, but Duplos are better for three year olds.  They are the larger, chunkier version, perfect for little hands (and mouths!) Did you even know you could buy Duplo sets? I sure didn’t!



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