Raising siblings as friends doesn't have to be difficult.

Friends Come and Go, But Siblings are Forever

I love my siblings more than you. Not more than you love your siblings (maybe?) but I love my siblings more than I love my friends. Sorry, not sorry. Let me tell you a bit about my siblings. I’m the second of seven children. My older sister is 18 months older than me, and I have a sister 18 months…

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Writing an eBook

I’m writing an eBook!

Guys, I have had a blast writing on the blog for the past almost five months. (What?!?! Has it been that long?!?) I have learned so much and gotten so far in my blogging and social media knowledge. I mean, there is so much I know that I didn’t even know was a thing prior to October 2016. I’ve written…

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Sharing Photos of Your Children Safely Online

How to Safely Share Photos of Your Children Online

If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ll notice that I don’t share any photos of my family here. It’s a conscience decision I’ve made to protect my children’s privacy. I’ll use stock photos of other children (who have given permission to have their photos available for use). Everyone has their own comfort level of sharing when it comes…

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I read romance novels...that doesn't make me a bad person!

Why I Read Romance Novels

My husband laughs when I bring home romance novels from the library with the word “Rogue”, “Rake” or “Duke” in the title. (Bonus points if it has all three!) He always wonders where the men’s shirts went, or what happened to all the buttons. After all, surely not every man in Victorian England went around half naked! This post contains…

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A timeline of the changes going on your your preteen son's life and body

Preteen Boys – Surviving This Weird Time in Their Life

So I now have a preteen boy living in my home. He’s been here awhile (11 years) but I’ve finally accepted the fact that he’s now a preteen. I’ve also accepted the fact that I know practically nothing about them. I was the second of seven siblings, three of whom were boys. The oldest boy, however, was born when I…

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Some days are harder than others when you're dealing with your children. You won't like them some days, and that's OK!

Loving Your Children When You Don’t Particularly Like Them

This month, we’re talking about love, because it’s the Month of Love, otherwise known as February. We don’t, as a family, go all out for Valentine’s Day. I think my husband and I don’t because we were only married for one Valentine’s Day before I got pregnant with our first child. By the time our third Valentine’s Day rolled around,…

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Clutter in your house can affect your mood. It leads to stress and makes people see your family in a certain way!

Clutter is a Bummer

So I read (ok, skimmed) this interesting article on Facebook the other day…actually, I only read the title. And I’ve now formed an entire philosophy based on that article title. Does that make me a bad person? No, just normal, right? Anyway, what was that title, you ask? Right? Humor me and pretend you asked me! Because I’m going to…

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Does anyone even clip coupons anymore? With Groupon Coupons, you can stop now! (But still get the savings!)

Who Clips Coupons Anymore, Anyway?

Anyone here ever tried to clip coupons? A few years ago, I watched the show on TLC, Extreme Couponers. These ladies (and some men!) clipped coupons for hours and hours (although sometimes they claimed they could do it really quickly) and then went to the store and bought up every single item that they had coupons for. It was awe-inspiring…

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My kids couldn't clean their room because they didn't know how. Do your know how to actually clean their room? Grab your free printable to help them out!

Don’t Assume Your Kids Know How To Clean Their Room – Mine Didn’t

I don’t know about your family, but if it’s anything like mine (please tell me it is!) then your kids have a totally different idea than you of what clean really means. Just a peek into their bathroom and bedroom will tell you that! I have no idea why I had this thought, but I did. (It’s probably because I’m…

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Why you Can't Control Your Clutter - It's time to start!

Why You Can’t Control Your Clutter

Clutter. More than 90% of people have at least a little bit of clutter in their homes. It may be a drawer or two in the kitchen, or under the bathroom sinks. It may be in your kids rooms, or it may even be taking over your entire house. Clutter can silently be stealing your time, money and peace. Time…

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Welcome to My Circus, My Monkeys!

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