How We Packed and Moved Our Family of 7 in Just One Week

So…it’s been pretty quiet around the blog lately because I’ve been a little preoccupied.

Sorry about that. Life, you know. Actually, life amplified. We moved this past weekend, out of one rental house into another, closer to where we do everything in life.

As a family, we’ve moved almost more times than I can count. Between my husband’s jobs and leases being non-renewable, let’s just say I’m kinda an expert on moving. You know, no big deal.

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But I will admit that each time we move, I look for a better way to pack. Because I hate packing. It’s the worst, seriously. I hate living in a house that is half-boxed, half packed and half “I don’t know where anything is.” So this time, I resolved to find a better way.

I scoured Pinterest and read articles, lists and blogs. All of them recommended I start packing several months out. Umm, no thanks. Not that I couldn’t, but I didn’t want to. I finally found an article that was something like what I wanted.

This woman talked about how it took her 7 hours over two days to pack her house. I read it avidly, hoping to glean hope and great tips. It was pretty informative, until I realized her family consisted of her, her husband and one child. Ok, so maybe not realistic for my family of seven. But it did give me hope that I could accomplish something along these same lines, just slightly longer.

We were moving on a Saturday, so I started on Tuesday. That gave me four days to basically get everything packed, then just load up the truck on Saturday.

Here was my basic timeline, starting with Monday.

Whatever you do, buy these tape dispensers. They may just save your last nerve.

Moving supplies

Each room got a room sticker, and we put these signs up in the new house, too, so our friends unloading the truck could find the correct rooms.

Monday: Make all my calls, setting up utilities, change of address and canceling all current utilities. Make sure you have enough boxes and packing material waiting in the house or garage. I even bought these room stickers to help with knowing where to put boxes in the new house. Totally easy to apply, cheap and easy to see when unloading the moving truck.

Tuesday: Pack up living areas, which include Living and Family rooms, office, den, etc. I did not pack up the TV so we could continue to use it throughout the week.We also had these tape dispensers. I’m not saying they saved our marriage, but I’m also not saying they didn’t!

Wednesday: Pack the kitchen and bathrooms. I combined these because the bathrooms are pretty quick, but the kitchen takes FOR.E.VER. I think another reason I dislike the kitchen is because you pack and pack and pack everything in the cupboards and it doesn’t look like you’ve done anything, because the cupboard doors are closed. Luckily, my mom came and helped me pack up the kitchen. She’s the best!

Thursday: Bedrooms. I leave these until the end because kids. You know how it is. But I basically give them a couple of boxes and let them pack their own stuff. They don’t pack their bedding or stuffed animals in the boxes, and they leave clothes in the drawers of their dressers, so it’s really just their STUFF.

Sometimes you just need to stop packing to do a puzzle that you found way under your bed.

Friday: This day was reserved for anything leftover. You know. The pantry that you forgot about, taking apart the beds (my kids love sleeping on their mattresses on the floor the final night in the house!) and the backyard furniture that you also may have forgotten about.

Saturday: First thing in the morning I gave each kid a big garbage bag and they put in their pillows, stuffed animals and sheets from the bed. Then, the entire house is boxed up and ready for you or your movers to load in the truck. Theoretically. If I’m being 100% honest, I still had loose stuff, especially in the master bedroom closet. I mean, by the end of each day I was really tired and didn’t want to keep going, so there was stuff still laying around. I was super tempted to just toss it out. And some of it I did. Oh well, no one’s missed it yet.

Download your free moving checklist, packing checklist

Would I do it this way again? Yes. Except I’d try to have it more boxed by the end of Friday. I always over-estimate how completely packed I am. I will also say that I went through the house a couple weeks prior to moving and threw out quite a bit of trash, including papers and things we no longer needed. But I totally enjoyed not having my house upended for weeks while waiting to officially move.

I’ve created a checklist to help you pack up your house in a week to prepare for moving. Download it, at the latest, by the weekend before you move and you’ll be all ready to go.


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