My Weekday Routine

I have a daily schedule that I try to keep to. And when I say schedule, I really mean a routine. After all, sometimes things come up that aren’t in the schedule, like sick kids, car repairs or emergency runs to the grocery store.

I have always thrived on a routine. I need to know what is going to happen, and when, at least roughly. So today I’m sharing my routine with you, so you can see how I plan my day. I’ll fill in a little more, because you can see that I have large blocks of time with nothing specific written in. Bear in mind, we are still doing things at this time, I just don’t write down every single thing.1

My Morning Routine:

As you can see above, I get up at 6:00. I’m a natural morning person, but I don’t get up excessively early. My husband has to get up at 6 to leave for work by 7, so I get up with him. By 6:30, we are downstairs in the kitchen eating breakfast. We like this chance in the morning to be together and talk a little about out day ahead. I make coffee and his lunch, and we just eat breakfast. Sometimes a little girl will wander downstairs, but we don’t normally allow the kids down before 7; if we let them, they’d start making themselves wake up earlier and earlier for no real reason.

But by 7, normally all five children are awake and downstairs, although not usually dressed. My husband leaves for work, the kids eat breakfast and I supervise and help people, while maybe unloading the dishwasher. After that, the kids wash up, get dressed and it’s time to start school by 7:45. We start that early because they are all ready for it, and I see no reason to postpone just because it’s ‘early.’

We school with lots of breaks to play with littles, have a snack, watch a little PBS and sometimes ride bikes. I just don’t put it in the schedule, because it’s slightly different every day. But we always break for lunch no later than 12, unless we are out of our house. Because they eat breakfast so early, everyone is ready for lunch early.My Afternoon Routine

My Afternoon Routine:

Our afternoon is a pretty easy one, as well. We currently aren’t participating in any sports, so that would seriously change up part of our routine. But after lunch, we clean up the kitchen. The little girls lay down for a rest (Hallelujah!) most days, although they don’t always sleep. While they are napping, the big kids finish up school. This is usually only one subject, although on Fridays we specifically save Art to do during rest time.

Once school is over, the littles are usually up and it’s free time. Sometimes I’ll have chores for them, although I usually like to do those in the morning. The afternoons are for coloring, Minecraft, movies, dress up and just play time for all the kids. During the time I work on blogging, chores, read or even rest for a few minutes. Those three hours can go quite quickly!

By five, it’s time to start dinner. If I’ve been on the ball, I have a menu and know exactly what I’m making, and I have all the ingredients. I let the kids watch PBS while I make dinner, but I also have them in and out of the kitchen, as it’s open-concept to the family room with the television. My husband gets home right about 6 and we try to sit down to eat right at that time.My Evening Routine

My Evening Routine:

My evening routine is the most relaxed of all. The bigs clean up from dinner with minimal supervision, my husband bathes the littles, and I try to straighten the main rooms, finish a final load of laundry or lay on my bed with my eyes closed (but only if it’s been a particularly long day.) After all the baths and showers are finished, we usually do something together as a family for a few minutes. This may be playing a game, reading a book out loud, watching my husband play Minecraft for a few minutes or watching something on Youtube.

My kids moan and groan that they go to bed super-early compared to their friends, but it’s one thing I’m not quite willing to give up yet. By 8, they are typically in bed. The thing is, if they go to bed later, especially for several days in a row, they are just bears. And when they do stay up, they want to hang out with my husband and I, instead of doing something by themselves. So for now, it’s bedtime by 8pm.

After that, my hubby and I watch Netflix or a movie, or do our own work on the computer. The shows we are watching right now are Parks and Rec (we are on the last season, I’m so not ready for it to end!) and The Get Down. I’m enjoying that show more than I thought I would, actually.

Do you have a specific routine you follow? How is it working for you?

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