Some days are harder than others when you're dealing with your children. You won't like them some days, and that's OK!

Loving Your Children When You Don’t Particularly Like Them

This month, we’re talking about love, because it’s the Month of Love, otherwise known as February. We don’t, as a family, go all out for Valentine’s Day. I think my husband and I don’t because we were only married for one Valentine’s Day before I got pregnant with our first child. By the time our third Valentine’s Day rolled around, he was here and I was pregnant again.

All that to say, we still try to make the day special for our kids. ┬áBut, that’s not what this is about. Nope; this post is all about those darn kids of mine (and of yours!)

Sometimes, just sometimes, I don’t really like my kids. (Sshhhh!)

These little people that I spend all day with, teach to use the potty, wash their clothes and make their food…they aren’t always so fun to be around. I mean, I love them dearly and would do anything for them, even put my own life before theirs. But yeah…I don’t always particularly like them.

It usually happens when I’m tired, I’ll admit. I’m already grouchy because I either went to bed late (who can go to sleep when you have a good book to read?!?) or a child woke up in the middle of the night. Then, there’s always another piece of the equation; they wake up grumpy, too.

When you put an entire houseful of grumpy people together at 7am (because my children CANNOT sleep later than that, apparently) it’s bound to not be a fun day. I mean, I’m not even asking for fun! I can do without fun, as long as some people are decently respectful of each other with their attitudes.

Because we homeschool/virtual school, we’re in the house together all day. There is no getting away from it. Someone, somewhere, left me in charge of all these children. I usually try to force my way into changing the attitude of everyone; want to guess how well that works? Yeah, about as well as you’d expect.

I try to ignore the children getting on my nerves, but that doesn’t work, either. They keep finding me and following me around the house whining that so-and-so is bothering them (so are you, kid, suck it up!).

There are two tried-and-true methods to changing all of our attitudes that I’ve found over the years. One is to release them into the great outdoors and let them run out their grumpiness. Sometimes I’ll provide fun stuff like bubbles or chalk, but usually they are on their own to plan out their play. This is one of the bonuses of homeschooling; we can go outside at 10am (that’s about the time I realize I can’t force us into good mood. Yeah, it takes me three hours sometimes).

Being outside is a surefire way to change your child's (and your!) mood.

The other method we will use a lot in the afternoon when littles wake up grouchy from rest time is quiet reading, either by themselves or out loud. Our couch is large enough for everyone to pile on and have their own space to read their own book, from me on down to the littles. Or, I’ll pull out a book and read aloud. Sometimes we’ll do a stack of picture books, but I love to pull out chapter books and read them aloud to the entire group.

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Reading books, either to themselves or aloud, is a great way to change your mood.One of our favorite book series’ is the Little House books. We’ve even listened to them on audio because I can do other things while we listen, such as changing diapers (not now, but in past years), washing dishes or making dinner. This version, read by Cherry Jones, is available on CD, or on Audible’s Instant Download starting February 7, although it’s available for preorder now. Cherry Jones does an awesome job reading these books; we love to listen to her and would for hours if possible!

Another thing we love is Bookroo. It’s a book box subscription service that mails us books each month. We used to get the board books each month, but we’ve recently upgraded to the hardback picture books. My littles love when we get them in the mail, and insist that we sit down right away and read them!

When we take a break from the everyday and enjoy something together either outside where there are no real rules or inside where we can all escape into our imaginations, I remember why I like my children and it helps me love them even more.

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  • Keya February 5, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Can totally relate Rebekah and I think its perfectly normal! One of my big motherhood epiphanies was as they got older I realized that they can be complete jerks sometimes! lol. Like who wants to see their precious angles as jerks? But just like any other human our kids sometimes act less than kind and polite! Great read! Totally sharing in in my Yoga Mama’s facebook group! I think they’ll get a kick out of it like I did!


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