How Old is Too Old To Go Trick or Treating?

How Old is Too Old to Go Trick or Treating?

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is seeing all the kids in their costumes. I love the homemade ones, because they show a lot of creativity and ingenuity!

It’s so much fun to take your kids Trick or Treating. Running through the neighborhood squealing as they knock on all the doors and get candy is so enjoyable for those who are 4, 8 or…13?

At what age does Trick or Treating stop for kids? This is a question that has plagued me for a little over a year now.

Last year, my oldest was 11 on Halloween, his first year in middle school. He really wanted to dress up and go door to door with all his younger siblings. I didn’t know what to say? Is he to old? He’s pretty tall, so he LOOKS older than he is, that’s for sure. We finally let him dress up and do it, because we didn’t have a great reason to say no.

This year, however, comes the same question. I posed this question on the My Circus, My Monkeys Facebook page, and got mixed responses. Some people said as long as he wants to dress up and join with the family, there’s no problem with it. Another woman said that if he’s only doing it for the candy, he should stop. (But honestly, isn’t that why ALL kids do it?)

One woman said a kid showed up at her door one year sans costume, smoking a cigarette. Her husband told him, “If you’re old enough to buy your own cigs, you’re old enough to buy your own candy!”

I think I’m going to let him do it again this year if he wants to. He’ll be joining his 10 year old sister, 9 year old brother and 4 year old twin sisters. He’s not going out with just a bunch of other middle schoolers, wreaking havoc. Oh, and he’ll have to dress up! I’m not taking a kid in shorts and a t-shirt around the neighborhood without a costume. Last year, he wore a tshirt and shorts, but added a monkey mask, a wrapped present box, and a birthday balloon. He was a ‘Party Animal’. So pun-ny!

If you aren’t creative when it comes to costumes, or simply need the ease of a ready-made one, check out They have a huge selection of popular (and off-the-wall) costumes for all ages. You can even get your pet in on the action

Great Halloween Costumes for the whole family.

What do you do when your kids get too old to Trick or Treat? What do you think is the right age to stop? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Julie Hoag August 31, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    I say if he wants to dress up and go out, let him go for as many years as he wants!!! If he wants to participate, he should. He’s still a kid until 18. Don’t let the judgemental people ruin his childhood fun. And yes, they all do it for candy! Of course they like the costumes too, but candy is the motivation for sure. Let kids be kids I say!!!


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