Does anyone even clip coupons anymore? With Groupon Coupons, you can stop now! (But still get the savings!)

Who Clips Coupons Anymore, Anyway?

Anyone here ever tried to clip coupons? A few years ago, I watched the show on TLC, Extreme Couponers. These ladies (and some men!) clipped coupons for hours and hours (although sometimes they claimed they could do it really quickly) and then went to the store and bought up every single item that they had coupons for. It was awe-inspiring and horrifying all at the same time.

I decided that I could do that, too. Except, I couldn’t! I didn’t want to spend hours clipping coupons or making spreadsheets and tracking the sales at my local stores. I mean, it was ridiculous! And then I felt guilty that I couldn’t spend $2 and get toilet paper to last us forever. For-e-ver. (Sandlot reference!) So I quit clipping coupons. Like, I never clip them, even for things I buy regularly. It’s just not worth it to me.

This is a sponsored post; however, all views are my own. I only endorse products I use and believe in.

That all changed recently when I discovered Groupon Coupons. I mean, we’ve all heard of Groupon, right? I bought a deal a few years ago when I lived in Georgia for an outdoor light show right around Christmas; it was awesome. My entire family, plus extended family, was able to go for, like 30% of the regular price! It was awesome, and so much fun!

Anyway, Groupon now has another category called Groupon Coupons. Basically, they harness their power to bring deals and percentages off to everyone. It works on so many different places, as well. My favorite one is Target. I mean, I’m shopping at Target anyway (always, right?) so I might as well be saving money!

My sister uses the Sephora coupons (she’s a make-up junkie!) while my dad is a fan of the Best Buy ones. The coupons are so good I can even go to Saks off 5th!The coupons are often good online or in-store, so you can save while shopping either way. I’m wanting to take a fun vacation this year with my family, so I’ll be checking out the site for hotel coupons and other fun vacation-y things to do. (I have no idea where we’re going or what we’re doing, so we may just go and do whatever, depending on how good of a deal I can get!)

Check out Groupon Coupons before you go out shopping next time. It’s super easy (you know it has to be, or you won’t use it!) and convenient (no clipping of coupons!)






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