My kids couldn't clean their room because they didn't know how. Do your know how to actually clean their room? Grab your free printable to help them out!

Don’t Assume Your Kids Know How To Clean Their Room – Mine Didn’t

I don’t know about your family, but if it’s anything like mine (please tell me it is!) then your kids have a totally different idea than you of what clean really means. Just a peek into their bathroom and bedroom will tell you that!

I have no idea why I had this thought, but I did. (It’s probably because I’m brilliant, but I digress!) I wondered if I’d actually TAUGHT my children how to clean, or if I’d just assumed they knew how. I think it was probably the latter.

My kids didn’t know how to clean their room because I hadn’t taught them. I just assumed they knew.

I have honestly done this quite a bit, about several different things, such as shoe tying, room cleaning and dishwasher unloading. To me, these are simple things they should know. But they DON’T, because I didn’t teach them. (Bad mommy).

Anyway, if you are in the same (messy) boat as me, take hope! I’ve got a FREE printable that will help in guiding you in teaching your children how to clean their bedroom. I love checklists like this because the kids don’t have to come to you a million times to ask what to do next; it’s on the list. We use our meal-time chore list every night; you would think they’d have it down, but my 8 year old checks it almost nightly to see what he has to do next. So it’s working!

Free kids bedroom cleaning chart, to help your child learn to clean their own room.

I’m debating making a bathroom cleaning one, as well; would that be something you’d find helpful?

I’ve found with kids, you can’t just say “Clean your room” and expect good results. They need more specifics, which is why this list has so many steps. I’ve broken everything down into individual tasks so they don’t get overwhelmed or off task. Just print it out, laminate it and stick it on your kids’ bedroom door. You will want to print one for each kid, or each bedroom anyway. Because again, if your kids are like mine, they find a way to argue about everything, even whether or not the cleaning sheet is theirs!

Sign up below to grab the free printable and put those kids to work! (That’s why you had them right?)

If part of the problem in your home stems from you or is something YOU need to address, instead of your kids, I’ve got you covered there, as well. This bundle covers everything from decluttering to printable planners to meal plans ready to get filled out. You know you want one, so grab it here!

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  • Ruthie Gray January 26, 2017 at 9:42 am

    I love this – it’s great! So practical for parents. Happy to share (I only had one kid who understood without me telling her how to clean)! (PS that’s 1 out of 4. LOL.)


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