How to Get Ready for the Day in Just Five Minutes

So last week, I did a thing. It wasn’t a huge thing, but it was something different than I’ve ever done before. I made a Youtube video. Now, lots of people have made Youtube videos before, but I haven’t really. Especially one of me half-dressed.

Ok, this isn’t a naughty video (whew!) but I’m showing more shoulder than I usually do on camera. And I’m giving fashion tips (FASHION TIPS, PEOPLE!) on how to get dressed, nicely, in five minutes.

You know how it is. You wake up late and you realize you have to meet with the PTA, or the Principal at school, or maybe even just coffee with friends. But you don’t have time to spend all morning getting ready. Or maybe you just don’t LIKE to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. But you know you need more than a tshirt and leggings.

It really don’t require much to get a little dressed up in the morning. In the video, I talk about a few things you can wear to look like you put more thought, care and time into getting ready than you really did. No one is going to guess that you got ready in five minutes and ran out the door.

Seriously, there are just five steps.

  1. Put on pants. I’m talking real pants here, not yoga pants or leggings or pajama pants. Real pants. And yes, jeans count as real pants. You could even do cropped pants or a skirt; just make sure it’s a real article of clothing on your bottom half.
  2. Follow the pants with a button-down shirt. Now, my go-to shirt doesn’t button down all the way, but it buttons down halfway and has a cute tie around the neck. It takes me literally 3 seconds to put on.
  3. Put on big earrings. The bigger, the better. It distracts from everything else that may be going wrong with the rest of your outfit (although if you follow these steps, nothing will go wrong.)
  4. Put on real shoes. High heels look the dressiest, even with jeans, but I have a hard time wearing heels to the coffee shop. If you don’t want to wear heels either, go for cute sandals. Totally appropriate in the summer, or almost all the time if you live in Florida like me. Yes, even in the middle of winter.
  5. Put on lipstick. If you have no time to do a full face of makeup, make sure you throw on some lipstick or a bright lip gloss. Just like the earrings, the lipstick distracts from the fact that you aren’t fully made up.

Watch the video below and you can see me get ready for the morning. Seriously, because I have five kids, I’m often getting ready in five minutes or less. And I’m sure my husband wishes I put on real clothes, and not just yoga pants and leggings as much as I do. Oh well, he’ll get over it.


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