Fall means pumpkin spice, pumpkin bread and…Christmas?!?

Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer; never mind that my kids have been back in school for three weeks.

But now that September is officially here, I can really switch the button in my brain to Fall, and move on to all the things I love about my favorite season.

Fall leaves….Ok, Ok, I live in Florida, where the leaves don’t turn color and fall from the trees until about February, but I still love the anticipation of them changing color. I look at pictures of friends playing in the leaves, and feel jealous and then I move on. On year, my family went on vacation in the fall to Maine…oh, the leaves! We couldn’t stop staring out the window of our van as we drove through those northeastern states.


Cooler weather. Again, Ok, I understand that I live in Florida, and I’m just as likely to be sweating in October as I am in June. But a girl can dream, right? Right? But seriously, when we do get a semi-cool day, I’m all about opening every single window in my house and letting the fresh outdoor air in.


Pumpkin! I’m one of the rare ones that doesn’t really like pumpkin spice coffee or tea (Gasp!) but give me my mom’s pumpkin bread and I’m all over that! The recipe makes two loaves, and we usually go through that in just a few days. But it’s really simple to make, so it’s a staple around our house in the fall.

And Christmas. Yes, I know it’s September. And I know we still have two more months until the beginning of December. But I love Christmas! Cold weather, peace on earth, the holiday movies…I love all the traditions of Christmas, too. Believe me, I have a lot of them! And I’ve been spending the past little while working on a Christmas gift for…you!

Yes, you! I’ve been writing a little eBook all about Christmas traditions, why they’re important, and when you should incorporate them into your family life. And lest you think I leave you hanging with that, I’ve provided you with dozens of different traditions you can start this year! Some of the traditions are done throughout the month of December, while some are very specific to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Family Traditions Cover Option #2

You don’t want to miss out on this eBook. At less than $3, you can’t go wrong. Know a new, young family? Grab it for them now so they can start their traditions this year. Do you have slightly older children? You can STILL start new traditions this year! It’s never to late to start doing things with your family. It’s something they’ll carry with them forever.

Click on the button below to check it out!

Family Christmas Traditions eBook


Check out what's going on with Christmas in the Fall! Start planning your family's Christmas traditions now, with our super simple, super easy brand new eBook
Check out what's going on with Christmas in the Fall! Start planning your family's Christmas traditions now, with our super simple, super easy brand new eBook!

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