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DIY Christmas Wreaths

Happy 9th Day of Blogmas! We’ve made it through more than a week, thanks for sticking in there with me! This has been more difficult for me to keep up with than I thought it would be. December is a busy month, and these first three week more than the rest.

Christmas Wreaths - The 9th Day of Blogmas

I’m involved in our Christmas program at our church (it’s a big program!) and we’ve had practice/dress rehearsal Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights until at least 9:30; we had Wednesday off (thank goodness!) and then the actual program started last night and goes tonight, Saturday and Sunday before picking up again next weekend on Thursday through Sunday.

To say I’m getting close to exhausted is putting it mildly. Oh, and did I mention all my kids are either involved or in childcare? It’s been late nights and grouchy kids for over a week now! It’s tiring, but oh so worth it!

DIY Christmas Wreaths from 8 of the Best Bloggers! Click for the How-To!

To help with my effort to keep up with Blogmas, I’ve had several fellow bloggers graciously help me out today! I love wreaths, especially unique ones that can go on the front door. I am not a great crafter (read my crafting woes here!) but I love to do it when I have time. But these ladies…well! They can put together a wreath like nobody’s business! And they made such simple and well-thought out instructional steps so that you can make one, as well!

If you are wanting to decorate your door in a fun and easy way, we’ve got the hook-up!


Carrie Beth at The Magnolia Mamas has several different wreaths hanging in her house this year; two on the front door and three darling ones in the kitchen windows. They all involve pinecones, which can make them very inexpensive if you have pinecones in your yard. Magnolia Mamas WreathsThese wreaths, in the kitchen, are my absolute favorite! They look so cute and festive, all at the same time! She also made two for her front door, incorporating pinecones onto a green wreath. I love the natural look these give off; they’re perfect with rustic or country decor. Check out her instructions HERE!


Ashley at She is Blank Space has created a cozy looking wreath (is that a thing?!? It totally should be) out of a scarf and wreath form. It’s such a simple thing, but I’d never have thought of it myself, nor made it look so cute!She is Blank Space Wreath

Not only does she give lots of easy instructions, she’s included a video showing exactly how to make this wreath. It’s super simple, and looks so elegant yet natural hanging on the door! Check out the instructions HERE.


Alina at Besos, Alina made this gorgeous shiny wreath from a hanger! How’s that for DIY?!? This wreath is so unique because the balls only make up half of the wreath; the rest is greenery and that full golden bow. Besos, Alina Christmas Wreath

I love the pop of purple; it’s an untraditional Christmas color, but they still evoke the season with the ornaments! I also like that not all of them are shiny; the combination of shiny and matte gives it just one more dimension.  Find the instructions HERE.


Joni at Mississippi Darling also has made an ornament wreath, but this one differs in that she used a premade grapevine wreath as the base. This is so quick, you can have a beautiful wreath in less than 20 minutes. Even I can make this wreath, because I DO know how to use aglue gun!

Mississippi Darling Wreath

This wreath also uses slightly less traditional colors, but I love the look of the blue and white with pops of red. The berry stems also give it a fun feel. Check out the instructions HERE.


Luz at Adventures with Nico DIY’ed an extrememly cute kid-friendly snowman wreath for her house! Everything she bought was from the Dollar Store, and it cost less than $10. This is a great place to buy supplies, especially if you think you might not use it again.

Adventures with Nico Wreath

Look how adorable the snowman turned out! Another option, if you want a white snowman, would be to wrap the wreath forms in white feather boas or white or silver sparkly garland. Check out the instructions HERE.


Lesley at The Lucky Pear has created a gorgeous grapevine wreath that is really country rustic looking. I love that she allowed part of the wreath to show through her decorations. She also utilized the same wreath from her Fall decor; talk about making the most out of what you have!

The Lucky Pear Wreath

I love that she included a monogram on her wreath; this makes it so personal! Using zipties and some basic craft supplies, this wreath could probably be made in a matter of minutes. Check out the instructions HERE.


Sabrina at Meet Our Life has pulled together a farmhouse wreath for her front door. She used a green wreath, ribbon for a bow, and several simple Christmas ornaments to decorate it. She also put a monogram on the wreath.

Meet Our Life Wreath

This wreath is adorable; I love how cozy it looks up there on the door. This wreath would also be pretty simple to make. You could even use ornaments from your own tree if you didn’t want to buy any new ones. Check out the instructions HERE.


Our last wreath is a little bit different, in that it’s one for your child to make! Belle at One Awesome Mama made this wreath with her daughter using paper and paint. She painted her daughter’s hands, then made hand-prints around the paper in the shape of a wreath. Footprints made a box at the bottom.

One Awesome Momma Wreath

This wreath would actually make a wonderful Christmas present for grandparents if you got all the grandchildren to do a hand print; any baby grandchildren could do the feet! Simple use a canvas instead of a piece of paper. You can find the instructions HERE.



I hope everyone can find a wreath that fits their style out of one of these wreaths. They’re all so gorgeous and easy! A big “Thank You” to all these lovely ladies for letting my highlight their wreaths today!



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  • Luz t December 9, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Rebekah, thank you for the feature. I’m pinning for inspiration for next year.

  • Kat & Sara | The Mama Bears December 9, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    I love all this inspiration!! There are some beautiful wreaths in the mix, and I am inspired to try one out! Thanks for sharing! <3

  • Casey December 9, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Those are all so lovely! But my favorite is the one with the purple balls 🙂

  • Brittany Comeaux December 13, 2016 at 10:05 am

    That scarf wreath is genius!!!


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