Children can (and should) do chores beginning at a young age. You're teaching them many life skills. Click through to read, and download a free printable of age appropriate chores.

Why (and When) Children Should Do Chores (with Free Printable)

I’ve written quite a bit about chores and clutter, and even about getting my children to clean their rooms and help out with dinner, both making and cleaning up afterward. I think that getting them to help out around the house not only gives them skills for later on in life, but it helps to connect them with the family. Children who help out around the house gain life skills they’ll need later on when they move out.

How do you think they’ll be able to do laundry if you never teach them and expect them to do their own? The same goes for cleaning a bathroom, unloading a dishwasher and mopping a floor. I’m not saying they should learn all of these at the age of 3 (although there are some they can start that young!) but they need to get started so by the time they move out, they are prepared!

Children should do chores to give them confidence.

Imagine you had never swept a floor before (hard to imagine, right?!?) and then you did it, and it looked awesome. You’d feel pretty proud of yourself, right? The same goes for kids. When they can solve a problem or clean up a mess, they can gain confidence in knowing they can do it.

Children should do chores because it gives them a chance to serve their family, and not focus on themselves so much.

You know what’s a humbling experience? Cleaning a toilet, especially one that the entire family uses. It’s even more humbling to clean around the base of a toilet where a brother missed the mark. But it’s important to realize that, as part of the family, this is your job. It also makes boys realize that maybe, if they don’t want to clean the floor so often, they should aim better! (Win-win, right?!?) Team players, even at home, grow into team players at school and work.

Children should do chores because it fosters a feeling of independence and responsibility.

Kids who don’t have mom to wash, dry and fold their laundry realize pretty quickly that they need to do it themselves, or they don’t have any clean underwear for school! But imagine the independence to know you don’t have to wait for Mom to wash that laundry? You can march yourself and your laundry basket to the washing machine and do it yourself!

Children should do chores  because it frees up family time.

Imagine if Mom had to do all the cleaning Saturday morning because she worked all week. You had to wait until she was done before you could go do something fun. What time do you think you’d make it out of the house? Probably after lunch! But if everyone pitches in during the week and on Saturday, you’d be ready to go mid-morning.

Children should do chores because frees up Mom.

This should probably have gone very first, but whatever. This is important, because Moms have busy lives. A child doesn’t expect his teacher to do all his work; why should his mother do it? The more children a woman has, the more the tedious tasks build up; laundry, bathrooms, packing lunches…the list can seem never ending. But if kids make their own lunches (the night before, preferably) then she has a chance to grab a cup of (hot) coffee and give everyone a longer hug in the morning.

So what chores can kids do? I’m glad you asked!

I’ve put together a printable just for you. It lists a non-exhaustive list of chores, by age, that kids can do. And just because your child is 8 doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be doing the chores she’s learned from age 3. She can still make her bed and unload the dishwasher!

By starting at a young age, doing chores will be second nature for your children; this doesn’t mean they won’t complain, but they will still do it more easily. And if your children are older, just get started now. You can make up for lost time!

Download your chore chart below; you can grab it immediately and put those kids of yours to work!

Download the Kids Chore List (By Age)

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  • tiffany February 27, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    i totally agree – this is so important. my three year old loves to help and feed the cats!


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