Best Throwback Not-Too-Scary Halloween Movies

Great Halloween Costumes for the whole family.

I don’t know about you, but I love watching holiday movies. I don’t, however, typically watch Halloween movies, because I don’t like to be scared or creeped out. This year I’m trying to branch out and watch a few more, but I’m going for the not-so-scary version that I can watch with my kids. Most of these movies are pretty old, meaning they came out when I was a kid. But that’s what makes them so enjoyable and not too scary!

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Now, these may not be ideal for five-year-olds, but 8-12 year old kids will love them, as well as the parents. I am including a few at the very bottom that your preschool set will LOVE, because they want to get in on the holiday spirit as well.

Now, I love Ernest movies! I grew up watching all of them, from Ernest Goes to Camp to Ernest Rides Again (feel free to skip that one, it’s not so funny). But this one is a little bit scary. I remember not being able to watch it at night when I was in middle school. But nowadays, the creepy monster looks more campy than anything.

Is there anything creepy about claymation? Not too much, but it’s a great story!

This movie takes place in a hotel run by Dracula, which is inhabited by different monsters. When a human stumbles up on, hilarity ensues.

A girl and her father move into a house that is haunted by a cute ghost named Casper.

This is a classic movie in which three female witches are released from a coven. With Bette Midler playing one of the witches, it’s more funny than scary.

Based off the classic television show, the Addams Family Values, this movie follows the television series that ended in 1966.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

This movie is definitely for the older kids. This Mel Brooks film has a direct descendant of Frankenstein traveling back to Transylvania to take care of an inheritance.

Linus waits all through Halloween for The Great Pumpkin, whom he believes leaves presents for children who believe in him. As always, a classic Peanuts story.


Winnie the Pooh is never scary, but it does have the theme of Halloween, so it’s perfect for the youngest children.

Great Halloween Costumes for the whole family.


  • shelley August 24, 2017 at 10:42 am

    We’re huge movie buffs at my house but I’m like you in that I don’t like the super scary ones (I’m a chicken and not too proud to admit it!). I really like your list and am definitely sharing this in October.

  • shelley October 6, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Love this list! Sharing it in a roundup post to publish on 10-7-17.


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