Writing an eBook

I’m writing an eBook!

Guys, I have had a blast writing on the blog for the past almost five months. (What?!?! Has it been that long?!?) I have learned so much and gotten so far in my blogging and social media knowledge. I mean, there is so much I know that I didn’t even know was a thing prior to October 2016. I’ve written on the blog at least twice a week, every week, since that first week. During Christmas, I did two weeks of EVERY. DAY. blogging (kill me now!) But I want to give you all an update on what I’m going to be leading into this spring.

First off, I’m going to still be blogging here. After all, I love my blog and readers! But, I will be scaling back just a bit, down from twice a week to once a week. It’s not because I have nothing to say (that’s never been a problem!) or because I have nothing to tell you about kids and parenting.

It’s because…DRUMROLL PLEASE…I’m writing an eBook! Yikes!

Have you every written a book? Or an eBook? I haven’t written one before (I’m not counting the book I hand-wrote in 6th grade about a girl heading West on a Conestoga wagon, complete with romance and adventure!) So, since I have such stellar books under my belt already (*smirk*) I thought I’d write another book. A REAL book! You know, a book people will actually want to read!

Writing an eBook

Does writing an eBook sound glamorous? In my case, it’s not super fancy. It’s a computer surrounded by lots of coffee and markers…and toys.

So what’s this book all about? This eBook is all about the different life skills that teens need before leaving home, be that for college or simply moving out of the house. This is important stuff, too; did you know, a blog post I read recently said that a current life skill was writing checks and balancing a checkbook. I mean, not to knock it, but who seriously uses checkbooks anymore? On a regular basis? But anyways…

As you know, if you’ve read the blog before, I have children heading into the teen years. I have two preteens, and three coming up quickly. I don’t want to send them off into the world unequipped to handle it all. This book addresses parents of preteens and teens, although it’s a great read for parents of younger children, as well; keep the skills you learn in the book in the back of your mind as your children grow and you help them learn new skills.

I’m super pumped about this book, and it will be available at the beginning of summer, so you have all of your free summer to help your children learn these life skills that they are lacking.

Writing an eBook

How I occasionally feel while writing this book. Like my children come along with their toys and I have to stop working, or I lose control…it’ll be ok, right?!?

So sign up below for a notice when the book is available! I’ll definitely be posting about it more when I have more written, and probably posting a chapter list later, or even a sample chapter or two to whet your appetite!


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