Free Printable Cleaning Schedule

Are you ready to get control of your chaos with just a few simple steps each day?

I’ve found that by following this short and easy cleaning schedule each day around the house, I can stay on top of everything better.

I find that having a messy, cluttered house leads to me being grumpy every time I walk into a new room. That’s annoying because I am walking through same few rooms over and over and over throughout the day. And each time I see a mess…well, you get it.

FREE Printable Daily Cleaning Schedule

I’ve started following this cleaning schedule to help keep me accountable. I no longer have to wonder “What do I do next?” I can just look at the list. I know some people like to do things differently, such as a load of laundry every day. That makes me feel like that chore just gets dragged out every week. I’d rather focus on that exclusively for one day only and then not have to think about it again!

Download our free cleaning schedule to help you get on the ball this year! It won’t be around forever, so grab it now!

Once you grab it, simply print it out and put it on the fridge where you’ll see it every day. After you get in the swing of things, it’ll go much faster each day. Most days should take less than an hour to do, especially if you stay on top of it each week! The only one that won’t necessarily get faster is the laundry, unless you start making your kids wear the same clothes every day. Believe me, my boys try this sometimes!

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