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How We Do Valentine’s Day – Plus, 5 Free Card Printables!

Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the day for love, romance…and lots and lots of valentines. If your kids are in school, it’s a day for them to bring cards they’ve made themselves or you’ve purchased. Oftentimes, they’re attached to candy, like those candy conversation hearts. (I hate the soft chalky kind, but love the Sweet-Tart ones!)

When my kids were in public school for two years, we bought the easy perforated valentine’s from Wal-mart the first year. The second year, we used some free printables we found online and attached glow-stick bracelets to them.

This year, we’re back home doing school, so there’s no pressure on each of them giving out 30 valentines. However, we like to do family stuff, so we’ll still do some printables. This year, however, I made my own! And since I’m generous like that (naturally) I decided to share them with you guys.

One is a group of four different pages, with four different designs on each page. You can print out all four pages, or just tell your printer to print off several copies of the page you (or your child) likes best. My daughter got a head start on making Valentine’s for her friends this year! She included some Hershey’s Kisses, because everyone needs a little chocolate, even 10 year olds.

The other is a printable that’s great to go with a snack either for your own kids (which is how I’m using them) or to send to class for a Valentine’s party. They’re made to go on the fruit pouches that you buy at the store, so it’s a healthy, no-mess way to serve a snack. We buy ours at Aldi, and I love that they’re organic for a non-organic price tag!Free Printable Valentines

You do have to do a little prep work, but it’s not too bad. Simply cut them out, hole punch a hole at the top and thread some ribbon or yarn through the hole to tie it to the pouch. I also cut out a pink circle to back it with, to make it just that much more Valentine-y. You could also put a couple of stickers on it, or make your child do that part.Free Printable Valentines

Either way, these will make an excellent addition to your Valentine’s festivities, without being too difficult. I hope you enjoy them!

What We Do At Home

I don’t know about your guys, but we have a fun family tradition at our house on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I don’t go out because let’s face it, the restaurants are ridiculously packed with people and can you imagine trying to find a teenager to babysit on such a romantic evening? Doubtful. So we just stay home with our kids because we actually love them more than we love other diners who are out to eat.

Because I’m hokey (and because my mom used to do this when I was a kid) I make as much of an all-red meal as possible. I’m talking spaghetti or lasagna, red jello, a red fruit platter with watermelon, strawberries, raspberries and red grapes, as well as roasted red peppers, red potatoes, red onions and red grape tomatoes. We typically also drink red fruit punch. It’s the most random meal, but it’s fun; I try to mix the meal up a bit each year so it’s not exactly the same each time.

I also buy them each a small heart-shaped box of chocolates to go by their plates. We include candles, fancy goblets and sometimes even a tablecloth to make it that much more fancy. I also try to remember to write them each a note telling them how much I love them. This is also when the kids exchange valentines with each other.

That’s it! It doesn’t cost a ton of money, but it’s something my kids look forward to on Valentine’s Day, so I’ll keep the tradition going as long as possible.

What does your family do on Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments after you download your free printables!

Five Free Valentines


Free Printable Valentines


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  • April Levy January 12, 2017 at 9:33 am

    I love the idea of the fruit pouches, Rebekah! Your blog is so good!

  • Holly Goldman January 12, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    If only Uncle Vic liked applesauce 😉


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