15 Things to Do Instead of Checking Your Phone

My husband and I were convicted last week when we thought about all the time we spend on our phones. There’s rarely an important reason to do so. We’re looking at the weather, even though we’re well aware that cooler weather is still just a dream in Florida. Or we’re checking the news; nope, nothing good there, either. Or checking Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media account for that quick update we might have missed in the last two minutes.  I mean, we aren’t permanently glued to our phones, but do they need to be in our hands  at all times? Can’t we leave it on the counter? According to a recent survey by a Nielson company, American adults check their social media accounts on their phones 17 times each day. This is an even larger number than teenagers, actually. This also doesn’t include any other phone gazing, either.

But if this sounds like you, too, here’s 15 things you can do INSTEAD of checking your phone.

  1. Give your pet a little love. Believe me, they’ll enjoy it.

  2. Try these stretches from RealSimple Magazine.

  3. Sort through the stack of mail on your counter.

  4. Sing a silly song with your kids.

  5. Read a book (or even a chapter).

  6. Take a walk. (If you can’t do that, just look out the window. Even that’s a pick-me-up!)

  7. Empty the dishwasher.

  8. Sweep the floor.

  9. Try a new recipe.

  10. Paint your nails.

  11. Play a board or card game.

  12. Color a picture.

  13. Watch a show on TV (or Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) uninterrupted.

  14. Go swimming. (or sledding, depending on the season.)

  15. Take a nap.


It may sound easy, but you’ll notice that it’s harder than you thought. At the same time, it’s easier the more you do it. Soon, you won’t be feeling in your pocket all the time to make sure your phone is in there.

So now I’m off to put my phone on ring (there just might be an emergency!), leave it on the counter, try a new recipe with my kids and clean up the kitchen after the disaster!


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