Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Summer Road Tripping with Older Kids

Happy summer, guys! I haven’t been around as much this month (ok, hardly at all!) because we’ve been prepping to go out of town, been out of town, then recovering from being out of town. Honestly, getting back into a groove after a trip is HARD! This year, our June trip was a mission trip for our whole family, through…

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summer reading list

Summer Reading List for Older Kids

When I was growing up, I read all the time. We lived a half mile from the library, so my sisters and I rode our bikes there all the time; we were homeschooled, so we could go during the day. I read All. The. Books. Books about Anne-with-an-E, Narnia (my favorite was A Horse and His Boy!), about Teseracts, and…

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How to Get Ready for the Day in Just Five Minutes

So last week, I did a thing. It wasn’t a huge thing, but it was something different than I’ve ever done before. I made a Youtube video. Now, lots of people have made Youtube videos before, but I haven’t really. Especially one of me half-dressed. Ok, this isn’t a naughty video (whew!) but I’m showing more shoulder than I usually…

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How We Packed and Moved Our Family of 7 in Just One Week

So…it’s been pretty quiet around the blog lately because I’ve been a little preoccupied. Sorry about that. Life, you know. Actually, life amplified. We moved this past weekend, out of one rental house into another, closer to where we do everything in life. As a family, we’ve moved almost more times than I can count. Between my husband’s jobs and…

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free printable, kitchen sign, snarky sign eat it or starve

How to Eat Dinner with Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool

Last week, we all gathered around the supper table to eat a delicious meal of roast chicken, baked potatoes and garden vegetables that we grew ourselves. The girls were so cute in their dresses and pinafores, and the boys had washed up from doing the barn chores… Whatever. That’s what happened in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Farmer Boy. In our house,…

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Stop being late to everything

Don’t want to be lazy and disrespectful? Show up on time!

I grew up in a family that believed if you weren’t five minutes early, you were late. I also grew up in a family with seven kids. My mom was very good at getting all of us kids out the door in a timely manner, without a minimum of fussing and yelling. My personality was much the same as a…

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Win "A Sense of the Resurrection"

We’re giving away “A Sense of the Resurrection”

I’m so excited about this week’s post, even if it is a few days late! I wanted it to line up with our giveaway! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially AWESOME free stuff?!? I know, right?A couple of weeks ago I talked about how we are doing “A Sense of the Resurrection” this year to help my children understand the…

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Making your house into a home

How We Make our House(s) Feel Like Home

Since getting married way back in 2003, my husband and I have lived a lot of places. He was a newspaper reporter, so we moved from tiny papers to larger papers, until he finally got out of the business four years ago. But during that time, we moved. A LOT. In some towns and cities, we had to move several…

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Join us as we celebrate a "Sense of the Resurrection" this year!

Getting Ready for Easter with “A Sense of the Resurrection”

Now that the weather has turned and it’s feeling more like spring at my house, my mind turns to Easter. We honestly don’t do a whole lot of huge stuff for Easter; it’s a busy time of the year with school testing, spring colds (ugh!) and practice for the Easter presentation at church. A lot of times, the meaning of…

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Children can (and should) do chores beginning at a young age. You're teaching them many life skills. Click through to read, and download a free printable of age appropriate chores.

Why (and When) Children Should Do Chores (with Free Printable)

I’ve written quite a bit about chores and clutter, and even about getting my children to clean their rooms andĀ help out with dinner, both making and cleaning up afterward. I think that getting them to help out around the house not only gives them skills for later on in life, but it helps to connect them with the family. Children…

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